Everything You Need to Know
Frequently Asked Questions

Directions North America Organizing Committee is very grateful for the valuable contributions and support of its volunteers.  If you are interested to participate, please contact [email protected] and indicate your areas of interest.

The most common question is: why is Cronus USA Inc. listed on my credit card or financial institution receipts? Cronus USA Inc. is the non-profit organization managed by the Directions North America Organizing Committee that operates Directions North America events. Cronus USA Inc. is correctly listed as the merchant for credit card and financial transactions. We use Stripe as our payment processer, and fees such as credit card transactions and fund transfers via financial institutions charged by Stripe are passed through. If you need any additional help with regard to credit card, fund transfers, and financial transactions, please contact [email protected].

We welcome your questions and feedback! You may find answers to additional questions about polices in the Policies section, and program details in appropriate sections. Additional Agenda details will be published on this website as planning progresses and announced through Directions’ regular mailings. Be sure to sign up for the mailings. We’d love to hear from you, receive feedback, and help you get the best experience at Directions NA 2024.  Please reach out to the Directions Organizing Committee at any time!