By Partners, For Partners
Our Mission

Our mission is to expand, enhance, and empower the Microsoft Dynamics channel partners.

We provide a professional venue where Dynamics partners may collaborate, form alliances, and grow closer to each other and to Microsoft.

We will:

Serve the community by conducting an annual conference that is deep in technical, managerial, visionary information, and Microsoft’s strategic goals and objectives.

Empower Dynamics partners to attract new customers and raise customer satisfaction, provide new products and services, therefore increasing overall profitability.

Vigorously communicate product innovation, leadership, and success to the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem.

Directions North America
Board of Directors & Organizing Committee
Tom Falteich

Clients First

Amy Homan

Qixas Group
Vice President & Treasurer

Trish Boccuti

Content Chair

Scott Brennan

Partnerships & Community Outreach

Ryan Grant

Mary Miller

Marketing Chair

Jon Rivers

Marketing Monarchs

Diane Saeger

Saeger Marketing
Sponsorship Chair