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Suite Engine

eCommerce | Payments Processing | Equipment Dealerships | Production Builders

We support complex, multi-channel businesses and processes with easy-to-deploy solutions within Business Central:

Channel Sales Manager (CSM) is a multi-platform eCommerce integration within BC with visibility for orders, listings, inventory, and more. Connect Amazon, Shopify, Magento/Adobe, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more.

Channel Payments Manager (CPM) is a multi-platform workflow payments integration embedded within BC. Connect Stripe, Usio, and more.

Suite Engine’s API Engine is a robust development tool that can be used to build integrations from within BC to any number of external sources. No coding required.

RPM is an enterprise dealership solution providing deep insight into all accounting and operations. Capture revenue (rental, sales, service), planned maintenance by time or meter, utilization, and lifecycle cost on each asset in your fleet.

HomeBuilder is a modern and secure software system complete with budget control, after-sales service, upgrades & extras, construction scheduling, buyer & contractor portals, and lots … more!