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ClickLearn is a Digital Adoption Platform, which captures work processes in enterprise software. The platform auto-produces learning content in 7 formats and 45 languages, creates a customizable e-learning portal, and keeps documentation current with automatic updates.

The unique recording technology behind ClickLearn saves time and ensures that users are successfully onboarded into your business software by automating the process of creating training material and documentation.

It is easy to get started, with no complexity and no infrastructure required.

Main painkillers of using ClickLearn:

AUTO-PRODUCE DOCUMENTATION: ClickLearn auto-produces 7 different formats of professional learning materials incl. written guides, interactive videos, PowerPoint, and a virtual assistant.

RAPID USER ADOPTION: The formats of produced learning material cover any training need, both individual preferences and proficiency.

ON-BOARDING MADE EASY: ClickLearn enables authors to create and maintain uniform and consistent training courses, across business systems, in any language.

MEASURE ADOPTION: ClickLearn monitors and evaluates end-user consumption of learning material. All materials produced with ClickLearn are SCORM compliant and can be easily imported into any LMS or KMS.

KEEP MATERIALS UPDATED: The Replay technology will automatically update all work instructions to match the new version of your software.